Korean Cultural Society of Boston

19_0929 Festival of Dance and Gugak

Sunday, September 29, 2019, 3:00 PM
Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory
30 Gainsborough St. Boston, MA

Gugakis inherently improvisatory, and can be seamlessly played next to classical, jazz, and contemporary music. Six Gugak masters (Tae-baek Lee, Ji-young Yi, Wan-chul Won, Hyeun-bin Lim, Tae-young Kim) from Korea opens up a rare performance of authentic as well as contemporary collaboration with Boston Ballet artists (principals Seo Hye Han and John Lam), cellist (Kari Juusela), and Korean Traditional Dance Group (three-drum dance).

Program and Artists' Biographies can be found in the Press Release. An article to appear in Musical Intelligencer by Prof. Judith Eissenberg in Brandeis University and Boston Conservatory can be found here.


Playing for Well Wishes (호적과 사물을 위한 놀이)

   Tae-baek Lee (percussion) Wan-chul Won (taepyungso) Tae-young Kim (janggu)

   Ji-young Yi (jing)

Pansori and Cello Improvisation – ‘Mr. Shim’s Eyes Are Opened’ from Shimchungga(판소리와 첼로의 만남: 심청가중 ‘심봉사가 눈 뜨는 대목’)

    Hyeun-bin Lim (pansori) Kari Juusela (cello) Tae-young Kim (drum)

Ajaeng Sanjo (Park Jongsun School) (박종선류 아쟁산조)

   Tae-baek Lee (ajaeng) Tae-young Kim (janggu

Three-drum Dance (삼고무) 

   Jessica Park, Sujin Cha, Seojean Kim, Seanna Lee (drum/dance)

Sinawi with Folk Instrument Ensemble (민속 기악합주 시나위)

   Tae-baek Lee (ajaeng) Ji-young Yi (gayageum) Wan-chul Won (daegum)

   Hyeun-bin Lim (voice, jing) Tae-young Kim (janggu

Cheongsunggok Aristocratic Chamber Music (대금산조: 청성곡)

   Wan-chul Won (daegum)

Ballet with Gayageum Sanjo (서공철류 가야금 산조와 발레)

   Seo Hye Han, John Lam(ballet) Ji-young Yi (gayageum) Tae-baek Lee (janggu)

Southern Folk Songs and Jindo Arirang (남도 잡가와 진도아리랑)

   Tae-baek Lee (ajaeng) Ji-young Yi (gayageum) Wan-chul Won (daegeum)

   Hyeun-bin Lim (sori) Tae-young Kim (janggu