Korean Cultural Society of Boston

20.03.11 Garam Gugak Ensemble

The Garam Ensemble consists of winners of the 3rd Garam Gugak (Korean Traditional Music) Competition, held in August, 2019.

Ensemble members are as follows:

      Sang-Hun Kim (Ajaeng, bowed zither)

      Jeong-Eun Lee (Ajaeng, bowed zither) 

      Woo-Jeong Kim (Pansori, voice)

      Jong-Yoon Choi (Daegeum, bamboo flute)

      Scarlett Choi (Gayageum, 12-string zither)

      Min-Hyuk Yoo (percussion)

Garam Gugak Competition is one of the most prestigious competitions in Korea, and these musicians are exceptionally virtuosic artists. They will present the quintessential traditional Korean music genres including sinawi (an instrumental chamber ensemble), pansori (a vocal narrative genre), sanjo (an instrumental solo improvisational genre), namdo japga (a collection of southern folksongs for professional pansori singers), as well as contemporary compositions.

The Garam Ensemble concert is co-sponsored by Korean Student Association in UMass Amherst and Korean Cultural Service of Mass.