Korean Cultural Society of Boston

20.03.15: Spring Concert - Chorus

Ensemble pieces by young Korean composers are performed by Boston singers. The ensemble is directed by conductor Dongmin Kim who is music director of New York Classical Players (www.nycpmusic.org).

Program includes:

   Can't Forget (못잊어) - arr. HyeYoung Cho

   Songs of Spring (봄노래) - arr. GaYoung Lee

   Memorable Songs (추억의 애창 가요) - arr. HoHyun Kyung

   Psalm 23 (시편 23편) - SaeRoMi Lee

   Arirang (아리랑) - arr. HyoWon Woo

   ChapSalDduk (찹쌀떡) - Texu Kim

   and Other Instrument pieces.