Korean Cultural Society of Boston

2020.05 - Korean Family Month in Concord Library


05.01-05.31: Bojagi & Joomchi Exhibition

A month-long exhibition on Bojagi (Korean Textile) Joomchi (Korean hand-made paper) by Jung Hee Lee and Jiyoung Chung.

Jung Hee Lee specializes in Korean Bojagi (Korean Textile). And founded Korean Bojagi Forum. Bi-annual Bojagi form will be open in NY in May 2020. Lee has retired from faculty position in RISD.

Jiyoung Chung is Joomchi artist, freelance writer, and independent curator. She has developed an innovative method for utilizing a traditional Korean method of papermaking called Joomchi. In Jiyoung’s hands, the ancient takes on a more contemporary appearance. The Hani (Korean mulberry paper) reveals itself as a painterly, abstract and contemporary art form filled with sculptural and textural imagery.

Jiyoung received B.F.A. (painting) from RISD with honor and award, and M.F.A. (print/media) from Cranbrook Academy of Art. She had 28 solo and numerous group shows throughout Korea, China, Finand, Canada, U.S.A., Australia, France and U.K. including the one at Martin Museum of Art, Baylor Univ. in TX, in London, U.K. in conjunction with the Knitting & Stitching exhibition organized by ‘Twistedthread,’ U.K. and Minnesota Center for The Book Arts Gallery, sponsored by 2011 Surface Design Association Conference in MN, and Museum of Craft and Folk Art, San Francisco.