Korean Cultural Society of Boston



7th annual Saebae Re-enactment in MFA

Sat. Feb. 1, 11 am-4 pm

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

465 Huntington Ave. Boston, MA

KCSB annually participates the Lunar New Year (LNY) Celebration in MFA (Museum of Fine Arts in Boston) with two programs: Saebae (세배, a bowing ceremony to elders on LNY day) and Korean Music/Dance.   This year, Janet Park, Mina Cho, and Jessica Park performed Contemporary Dance, Gugak Jazz, and Traditional Dance.



Festival of Dance & GuGak

Sunday, September 29, 3 PM

Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory

30 Gainsborough St. Boston, MA

Korean Gugak (Traditional Music) with Contemporary Ballet and Traditional Dances.


K-Arts Dance Festival

Thursday, December 19, 7:30 PM

Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

33 Marrett Rd. Lexington, MA

14 dancers from the K-Arts Dance Company interpret the traditional Korean dances in modern perspectives.


UNforgotten Song

Saturday, November 16, 8 PM

Slosberg Music Center

Brandeis University

At its heart, Unforgotten Song is a story of resilience, courage and strength in the face of suffering and injustice. Archived songs sung by surviving comfort women are transformed into a ritual as beautiful as it is heart-breaking – that is for not only for victims in the past, but also for all women who are suffering from injustice in the world.



Korean Family month

      Saturday, May 12, 8 PM

Concord Public Free Library


New Arirang (신아리랑)  Dong Jin Kim

Bird Song (새타령)  Doo Nam Cho

                                         -- Lauren Woo, soprano

                                             Jung Sun Yoon, piano

Moon Night (달밤)  Un Young Ra

In the Midst of the Bloomed Flowers (꽃구름 속에)  Heung Ryul Lee

                                              --  Ms. Woo and Ms. Yoon

Fan Dance (부채춤) Korean Traditional

                                   -- Jessica Chanhee Park & Friends

Three Drum Dance (삼고무)

                                                       --  Ms. Park & Friends


The performance tradition of korean poetry

Thursday, September 27, 2 PM
Barat House, Boston College Law Schcool

“Sijo”    -- Dr. David McCann (Professor, Emeritus, Harvard Univ.)

“Pansori” ……… Dr. Ivanna Yi (Washington Univ.) 


Garam Gugak Ensemble

Wednesday, November 14, 2 PM

Ryder Hall 354, Northeastern University


Winners of 2018 Garam Gugak Competition showcase Gugak (Korean Traditional Music) genres.

Artists are Min Hyuk Yoo ajaeng, Jiwon Jang pansori, Hyewon Kim gayageum and Soobin Park daegeum.


Korea Gugak Center

Wednesday, November 14, 8 PM,

Boston Conservatory at Berklee College

Thursday, November 15, 8 PM

Distler Performance Hall, Tufts University

Members of Korea Gugak Center perform traditional Korean music and dance.


Salpuri (Korean traditional dance)

Gayagum solo: Onghaeya by Kŏn-yong Yi

Daegum Sanjo (Won Jang Hyeon ryu)

Gayagum Sanjo (Seo Gong Chul ryu)

Piri Sanjo (Seo Yong Seok Jae, Han Sae Hyun ryu)

Gayagum& daegum duo

Performers are Gamin Kang piri, Junho Jung percussion, Wanchul Won daegeum, Dasom Park gayageum, and Jeongmi Lee dance.